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Golden Pond Farms started over 20 years ago after purchasing 13 acres.  It wasn't planned as much to be a farm as it just became a farm.  The excitement of meeting and learning about new animals just multiplied and grew quickly into Golden Pond Farms.  It all started with 3 chickens!  Everything was purchased in breeding pairs or typically 2 females and a male.  Chickens, peacocks, pygmy goats, baby doll sheep, llamas, Great Pyrenees.  Before long, Delores had to quit her job to take care of it because it had become so much while working a full time job as well.  I think that we learned everything the hard way starting up.  Not that we know everything now, because any farmer will tell you that you never will, but we try to share as much as we can from our experience.  

Raised with love & passion

It takes a big heart to take care of animals.  We know that first hand.  Our animals are raised with love and care.  We want them to go to homes that will also love them with the same love and care and we will help teach you as much as we can to do that. 


You never stop learning when it comes to animals and having a farm. There is as much heartbreak as there is joyous moments, but if you do it right the joyous moments make it all worth it.  You will fight to never experience that heartbreak again, but the truth is you can do everything right and still have problems.  Working together and communicating with others that are raising animals is the best way to stay informed and up to date.  

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