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Miniature Donkeys

History of the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey

They originated from the Italian island of Sicily and Sardinia as well as Ethiopia. The nubian wild asses came from the African area of Nubia up to the Red Sea Coast area. From the Nubian Subspecies, the domesticated donkey inherited the dark streak that runs across their withers (shoulders) and another line from the withers down toward the tail forming a cross. A good Sardian Donkey will exhibit the distinctive Cross, with darker markings on the ears, tip of tail and around feet.

The first Mediterranean Donkeys were imported into the United States around 1928. The first Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Registry was established in 1958 by Daniel & Beatrice Langfield in Omaha Nebraska. However in 1987, Mrs. Langfield relinquished custody of the registry into Stewardship of The American Donkey & Mule Society (ADMS).

A true miniature donkey is less than 36" at their withers after the age of 3 years of age.

Why have a miniature donkey? Because they are so darn little and cute. I just love to hear them bray, that's their way of talking to you. Whether they are saying hello, or where is my breakfast. And they do LOVE to eat. They are so loving and affectionate. Once you have been around them, you will be in love too! They will nibble on your legs if you don't give them attention....that is a given. Precious!

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